Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Stand up for livable wages in San Diego's future!

From Center on Policy Initiatives:

Action Alert: Stand up for livable wages in San Diego's future!

CPI will be at City Hall tomorrow to fight Mayor Sanders' attempt to remove living wage jobs as a goal of development and land use. This flagrant giveaway to the low-paying tourism industry must be stopped!

If you can't come to City Hall, please call or e-mail Councilmembers today!

In the 11th hour of updating San Diego's General Plan, Sanders has attacked the city's established living wage policy by deleting all mention of livable wages or "self-sufficiency wages" from the draft plan.

The General Plan sets guidelines for all land-use decisions, including what developers are allowed to build. It must be restored to promote living wage jobs with healthcare coverage!

In addition, the Mayor's changes pave the way for the city to begin providing incentive subsidies to hotel developers even when they're creating poverty wage jobs. Click here for more information and to see the wording Sanders slashed from the proposed update.

Please come to a special meeting of the City Council's Land Use and Housing Committee tomorrow (Wednesday) at City Hall, 202 C Street, downtown.

Otherwise, please call the committee members listed below or send them an e-mail.
  • Councilmember Jim Madaffer, Chair: (619) 236-6677
  • Councilmember Toni Atkins: (619) 236-6633
  • Councilmember Tony Young: (619) 236-6644
  • Councilmember Ben Hueso: (619) 236-6688
Insist that our City's plan for future growth must combat the growing income gap in San Diego! We want economic prosperity for all working people, not just hotel developers!

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