Monday, December 3, 2007

Monday - Quick Hits

Wingnuts get your tinfoil hats ready. County to start fluoridation today. UT

Chula Vista expected to cut $15.9 million from budget, and will layoff 27 in the process. UT

Construction begins on Palomar-Pomerado hospital near $1 billion expansion. NCTimes

In an editorial, La Prensa reminds us that the Reverse 911 system work well if you spoke English. LaPrensa

Rental vacancies on the rise throughout the county. UT

As reputation grows, number of applicants to SDSU increases. Too bad they can't get recruit better football players. UT

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Anonymous said...

The Chula Vista budget shortfall is NOT $15 million, but rather $9 million.

The number the U-T keeps quoting and which is growing is based off cutting programs costs over a year period, but only realizing half the savings, due to mid fiscal year cuts, so getting only a 6 month savings. So, $7 million turned to $14 million.

The number keeps growing, because the city keeps having to increase the shortfall due to lower revenue each month. Where is the reporting on that by the paper that the city manager can't get his revnue forecasting right?

The city has made other cuts and other cost savings, which are entire year savings and has reduced the $9 million.

I wish the news would get the story or the shortfall straight.