Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Props. A and B: Bad for San Diego

Conservative and corporate interests like to load their pet propositions onto primary election ballots, and 2012 is no exception. In the City of San Diego, the Democratic Party urges a "no" vote on Props. A and B, both shameless political ploys that would only harm our city.

If Prop. A were to pass -- banning Project Labor Agreements in San Diego -- no state funds could be used for any construction project in the city. More than $100 million annually would be lost, according to the Independent Budget Analyst's estimate. The absence of those funds would further harm the city's ability to service its debt.

Prop. B would immediately impose a $56 million cost on taxpayers by converting city workers' pensions to 401k plans in a legally dubious way. By overturning good-faith bargaining at the ballot box, this measure would be devastating for city employees, who gave up Social Security as part of their contracts.

Democrats are also opposing Prop. D., an effort in El Cajon to establish a city charter that would make it easier to outsource jobs to lower-paid, out-of-town workers. In Oceanside the Party is fighting Props. E and F, which would, respectively, increase rent for residents of mobile home parks and manipulate the city's electoral system.

For a complete list of the County Democratic Party's endorsements and ballot measure positions, go to www.sddemocrats.org/endorsements.


Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Well, if you think about it Robert, sometimes it's actually more ideal and convenient to live in a motorhome. At least, you get to go anywhere with your stuff right at your "home".

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