Friday, June 1, 2012

Why I’m supporting Lori by Donna Frye

Lori and Donna Frye at Mission Bay Park

I am writing so you know why I support Lori Saldaña for Congress and why I believe she deserves your support, too.

I first met Lori in 1994. We worked together on a variety of issues, but primarily focused on environmental, quality of life and open government issues. We got a lot done because we identified the problem, did our homework, engaged the public and then provided a workable solution to the problem.

Our work always focused on the belief that we had a responsibility to protect and preserve our quality of life and to make things better for the next generation. But we also knew that some issues would never get addressed in a meaningful way unless the elected officials cared about them as much as we did and were willing to take action.

In the early 2000s we both ran for office and were fortunate enough to be elected to serve the public.

During her six years in the state Assembly, Lori passed landmark legislation and stood up to powerful special interests who threatened the health, prosperity, and safety of her constituents. Lori earned 100% ratings from the Sierra Club, the Congress of California Seniors, Planned Parenthood, and Equality California.

She also rose to the post of Speaker Pro Tempore (the number two post in the Assembly) and used that post to support and pass legislation that benefited all San Diegans.

Today, Lori is running for Congress and I am endorsing her because I know that I can count on her to go to Washington and not forget the people who helped elect her. I do not have to worry that she will say one thing to get elected and then forget what she said when she goes to Congress.

Lori stands up for what she believes, even when it is not politically popular. She has strong core beliefs and values, and knows firsthand what it’s like to work on community issues as a grassroots activist. And she has never forgotten that.

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