Saturday, June 2, 2012

Urgent Alert to Democrats: Beware of Republicans Telling You Which Democrat to Vote for!

Brian Bilbray Tips His Hand by Urging Democrats to Vote for Saldaña

San Diego – The Scott Peters for Congress campaign today issued an urgent message to Democratic voters in the 52nd Congressional District: Beware of Republicans telling you which Democrat to vote for on June 5! They will steer you away from the most formidable opponent and toward the Democrat they know they can easily trounce in a general election match up.

“This week Brian Bilbray left no room for doubt about which Democrat he most fears facing in a general election match up,” said Peters Campaign Communications Director MaryAnne Pintar. “He sent an anti-Scott Peters/Pro-Lori Saldaña mailer to Democratic households using the same rhetoric the Saldaña campaign has been using for weeks.”

The Saldaña campaign’s false attacks on Scott hit mailboxes first. And then a wave of similar attack pieces from the Bilbray campaign hit Democratic households in the following weeks. Mixed in, however, was messaging to prop up Saldaña’s candidacy. In fact, the misstatements and false accusations are so identical, a local attorney and pension expert sent a letter to both campaigns pointing out that their statements “could easily be deemed libelous.”

“One could almost perceive that the two campaigns are using the same political consultant,” Pintar added. “Or, at a minimum, it has the appearance that the two campaigns are coordinating their timing and their false, inaccurate messaging to stifle support for Scott. Clearly, the Bilbray campaign has the same polling we have which shows Scott is the tougher opponent to Brian in this newly drawn district.”

The Peters campaign has created two web sites to ensure voters have accurate information about San Diego’s pension history, and Scott’s record on the issues. They are and

The new 52nd Congressional District is the result of recent redistricting, and is targeted by both national parties as a swing district. Peters has raised more money from individual donors and earned more endorsements than any other challenger in this race. Peters is also endorsed by every state and federal Democratic legislator who has served San Diego in the past 10 years, including those who served in the Assembly with Saldaña. Most recently, Peters earned the backing of 4 out of 5 media outlets who have endorsed him over Saldaña. They are the progressive San Diego CityBeat, U-T San Diego, Tierrasanta’s Tierra Times, and San Diego Jewish World.

For more information about Scott's record of accomplishments and the breadth and depth of his endorsements, go to


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