Friday, August 31, 2007

School Board Candidate

San Diego Unified School Board member Mitz Lee (R) is running for the City Council District 5 seat. That leaves her school board seat in District A vacant. Gone are the days when an open seat goes to a Republican by default here in San Diego. We have a well qualified, progressive candidate running for this seat.

Dr. John Lee Evans is a clinical psychologist in private practice. He works with children and families on educational issues, and he administers psychoeducational testing. He was an active parent volunteer in SD Unified's schools when his children were growing up. He served on various committees (school site council, parents task force, and governance team),and he volunteered in the classrooms where his children attended.

John served in the Peace Corp in Honduras when he was younger. He worked with rural teachers. Dr. Evans also directed an educational enterprise that provided workshops, training, and language classes for teachers. As a community college instructor, he taught Psychology and ESL.

John is an advocate for progressive issues in San Diego. After picking John's brain on numerous educational issues (including all the current hot topics), I am convinced that John will make a fine school board member. He will help bring consensus to our current school board.


Still Proud Dem said...

I will be interested in hearing from him. He seems like a change of tone from some of the other candidates and their goon squads out there right now.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! The beauty of the school board races is that after running in their district - they run district wide. The entire area is very Democratic, where the SDEA endorsement is goden... Can we finally take over a board we deserve?

bluediegan said...

This will be great for San Diego Schools. Our kids need to learn Math and Science in order to succeed in the 21st century, they are going to need quality teachers to mentor them and possibly guide them into higher education.

Anonymous said...

that is another thing, why do they run district specific only, then have to run district wide?

bluediegan said...

Wasn't it done as a compromise between reformers of the school board who wanted more diversity and those who felt that since the board served the bulk of the city, the city should also have say... I may not be sure...

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