Monday, November 26, 2007

Filner pleads to trespassing

The AP is reporting this afternoon:

WASHINGTON – California Congressman Bob Filner has entered a plea days before he was set for trial on assault and battery charges over an incident at Dulles Airport in which he allegedly pushed a United Airlines baggage employee.

At a hearing in Loudon County General District Court on Monday Filner entered a so-called Alford plea to trespassing, according to a statement issued through his attorney. That means he did not admit guilt, but acknowledged sufficient evidence exists for a conviction.

Filner was accused in the August 19th incident of trying to barge past a female baggage worker into an employee-only area after his bags were delayed.[Link]

I'm sure the crazy wingnuts will go off on how he is receiving preferential treatment.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, those wingnuts. I don't think he's getting special treatment; this is a pretty common type of deal. The special treatment he gets is from those mindless voters who put party and pork above everything, including common decency. Yeah, those wingnuts have problems . . .

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Why didn't Tom Delay, Mark Foley, Randy "Duke" Cunningham, and Bob Ney get this special treatment? It's because those crafty Liberals control the courts with those activist judges! Right anon?