Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Playing Cards with Suspects and Victims on them?

In an attempt to solve some murder case that have gone cold. Some 10,000 decks of cards will be distributed to the commissaries at the seven county jails.

[L]ocal law enforcement and San Diego County Crime Stoppers this week launched a new set of playing cards featuring homicide victims and suspects that will be made available to inmates in the county's seven jails.

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Auday Arabo, president of the Neighborhood Market Association that sponsored the project, said it makes sense to reach out to inmates for tips."We know that there are those in jail right now who have information to bring justice to victims and their families," Arabo said.

The cards in the deck feature either a cold case homicide victim, a wanted fugitive or a long-missing person now presumed dead. The cards carry photos of the victim or suspect, as well as the age, the date of the crime and a brief synopsis of the case.[Link]

This project is similar to an initiative that was tried in Florida were it yielded three arrests and multiple leads for law enforcement. There are over 2000 unsolved murders here in San Diego County, some more than 50 years old.[Link]

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Anonymous said...

It is good to see Auday taking leadership on something that isn't high profile but in important nonetheless. It shows that he'll be a good representative for the 78th.