Monday, November 26, 2007

Marti Emerald Interview

Over at the VOSD, occassional contributor Seth Hettena has a must read interview with former Channel 10 reporter turned District 7 candidate Marti Emerald.[Link] The interview does a very good job capturing those special qualities that make Marti Emerald a formiable candidate.

How does your experience as a TV reporter qualify you for public office?

First of all, being a good listener. I think that’s underrated these days. Knowing how to take a lot of information and figure out the so what about it. That’s really important. Secondly, I’m very good with helping to bring people together. For the last 22 years, I’ve been doing conciliation work, mediation. I’ve had mediation training. Maybe it’s underrated but when you look at what’s going on downtown with people who are not listening to each other, who are not on the same page, who don’t seem to want to arrive at a solution -- that’s the public perception anyway -- I think that’s real important. I cut through stuff. I mean business. Anybody, who’s had to meet as many deadlines as I do, and solve problems like I have, I think I’ll be a good representative for the 7th District.[Link]

Read the whole thing, it is quite worth it.

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