Thursday, November 29, 2007

Good business is only good, if we don't include the GOP

The other night I thought more about my post on the GOP fundraising and did some more reading.

The GOP will have a tough time in 2008. On a national level, they have vulnerable House members, more open House and Senate seats then the Democrats, and more total Senate seats up for election too. As my previous post pointed out they don't have the money for this fight. The only way to win is in 2008 is if the Democrats shot themselves in the foot. That is not impossible.
On a state level, the GOP will have to defend two open Republican Assembly seats, which where drawn for Democrats, but which the GOP picked up six years ago and as incumbents were easily able to defend them. However, six years later, a very difference political environment and candidate pool, plus party registration does not make it look so promising for the GOP. George "Cheetahs" Stevens the GOP still need you! You have to give it the GOP for saying they will keep the seats, because what do you expect them to tell the poor fools running and the money people they have dumping cash into the races it will be an up hill battle ahead.

On the local level, it looks brighter for the GOP, but not so bright as it should for them. Right now, Mayor Jerry Sanders has no challengers, but GOP Steve Francis might take him on. Francis is the state's GOP Finance Chairman. You might remember in 2005, then local GOP Chair and now State Chair Ron Nehring was speculated to have fixed the endorsement for Steve Francis. What will the local GOP party or state GOP party do, if Francis does runs?

If you re-read the San Diego Reader article that covered the previous endorsement fight it makes you think who will give the biggest bang for the buck to the San Diego County Republican Party. You see this county's GOP charges a HUGE TAX (18.5%) on contributions they wash through their books for member communications. Means for every $100,000 they get from a donor for doing paperwork, then they pocket $18,500 of it, not bad. Other GOP county parties don't charge such a high tax and even the supposedly tax crazy Democrats don't charge so much for their wash through service. As a board member of a multi-million non-profit we would never take more then 15% from our donations for administration costs, because we make sure the money really goes to the service the people donated it too.

How can the San Diego County Republican Party justify this extreme tax?


Anonymous said...

I can't believe contributors are willing to allow the party to take 18.5% of their donation. I bet they don't know it. Maybe I should start my own party, and charge 14% and under cut the Republican Party.

Anonymous said...

You can't start your own political party. Any other group you use to help a candidate would not be able to coordinate withthe candidate. It is a total racket to fund the two party system.

Anonymous said...

The Republican Party wins and that is why they can get and deserve the big money and not the democrat party. Another liberal post.

Anonymous said...

Why do candidates allow the party to take that much money from their campaigns or does it not matter, because they get so much money anyway?

Anonymous said...

Truth is these candidates DON'T get that much money. If Crusader Phil Thalheimer doesn't get big $ from this party account, he doesn't really have a campaign.

Anonymous said...

He spent plenty of his own money last time around. So, he didn't need the party.