Friday, November 30, 2007

Lee Burdick joins race for City Attorney

The field for City Attorney has gotten a bit more crowded today. VOSD is reporting this afternoon that Jimsair in-house attorney Lee Burdick has declared her intention to run for City Attorney in 2008.[Link]

Burdick who is a registered Democrat and has ties to the Regional Chamber of Commerce joins Democratic attorney Dan Coffey, Republican deputy D.A. William Gentry, and Republican former Assemblymember turned Judge Jan Goldsmith as challengers to Mike Aguirre.


Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about Burdick, but being a newcomer to the city, unless she has support lined up behind the scenes that will get her the democratic endorsement she's stalled in the gate - no chance of winning or even getting in a runoff. Don't spend a bunch of your own money!!

Anonymous said...

Here is something on Lee:

Ferris & Britton P.C. hired Lee Burdick to counsel high-tech clients. Burdick is formerly of Prima Legal Services in Redwood City.

"One reason we believe the class action vehicle is subject to abuse is because plaintiff attorneys view the class action lawsuit as a vehicle for securing inordinate amounts of attorney's fees for the amount of work to be done," said Lee Burdick Austin, chair of the chamber's legal committee and an attorney with Ferris & Britton APC.

Jimsair Aviation Services Inc. hired her to serve as general counsel assisting with government affairs.

San Diego Regional Chamber Boardmember

Anonymous said...

Here is something else on Burdick:

Ferris & Britton didn't "hire her;" she joined the firm as a partner.

As a 17-year civil litigator, often on behalf of individual plaintiffs who otherwise would have had no access to the courts, she successfully represented clients in sex harassment and wrongful terination cases based on race, religion and age. She simply does not like abusive litigation on anyone's behalf and nor should you.

As for her work within the Chamber, she represented small businesses, which make up 80 percent of the Chamber''s membership. She believes that businesses with integrity should succeed, and that successful businesses bring the region jobs, affordable housing and affordable healthcare. Principles that we should all be able to get behind.