Saturday, December 1, 2007

Warning Shot Fired at Steve Francis

Over at the UT's "Finest Blog" resident Bob Kittle lapdog, Chris Reed fired off what clearly is a warning shot at Steve Francis regarding his potential challenge to Jerry Sanders for mayor. In a post on Friday afternoon Reed writes:

Just when it looks like San Diego is on track to rid itself next year of its out-of-control city attorney, Francis is apparently gearing up to run a heavily funded campaign that will depict Mayor Jerry Sanders as the city's biggest problem while ignoring Aguirre.

In so doing, Francis would directly challenge the emerging narrative that holds Aguirre accountable for all he has done to hurt the city. Such a campaign would also undermine the emerging awareness of reformers that while City Hall is still sleazy, Aguirre's antics (kind word) actually hurt the cause of reform.[Link]

This is Reed at his best, carrying the water for the UT (i.e. Republican Party establishment) in stating the standard talking point on Mike Aguirre. He also echos the recent concern I have heard from the anti-Aguirre camp when he further states:

If Francis pulls his punches on Aguirre and allows for the emergence of a de facto unified Francis-Aguirre front against the mayor, watch out. Mike can revive his old tropes by saying, "Look! Steve Francis agrees with me!"

If you asked me today whom I would vote for mayor next year, I would say I don't know. But if Francis runs a campaign that helps rehabilitate Aguirre, I wouldn't vote
for him in a million years.

Every single campaign forum, Francis should be pressed to offer a clear and coherent analysis of Aguirre's job performance. If he doesn't admit that Aguirre has been a big reason why Sanders has never really hit his stride, that should be held against him.[Link]

Without a prominent Democratic to run for mayor next year (and no, I don't consider Donna Fyre that person), the warning to Francis is quite clear. Steve, we don't mind if you want to spend several million dollars of your own money in another quixotic run for mayor, but don't you get in our way as we try to wrestle back the City Attorney from Mike Aguirre.

I always thought Chris Reed was supposed to be the big "independent" thinker on the UT editorial board. I guess not, since it appears that he needs to stay in favor with Bob Kittle.


Anonymous said...

Leave it to a wackjob blogger to defend a wackjob City Attorney. What's the matter? Afraid he'll subpoena you to reveal who's really behind this blog? I'm thinkinh it's lapdogs to Mike Aguirre and his wack pack! That's who!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the DEMOCRAT that publishes this blog is another Mike Aguirre supporter. Just like his friends at Voice of San Diego and CityBeat who are a bunch of Aguirre supporters and no credibility with the real public. Maybe you should try doing club reviews or something? Then you will get some readership.

Anonymous said...

Not a lapdog to Mike Aguirre I have the following to say:
I would not support the wack job Goldmsith nor Aguirre. However, I think it is outrageous for the UT (Reed works for the UT) to threaten a potential candidate, even before he files to run for an office.