Monday, November 19, 2007

Marketing Progressivism

The Center for American Progress together with Glaser Progress Foundation has launched an Awareness Campaign to increase the public awareness of the historic role progressivism has played in American History. As part of this awareness campaign there are four television commericals that they are test marketing to "explain the progressive movement's core values and policy ideas, its historical accomplishments, and its philosophical differences with conservatives." [Link] Below are the four television commericals ranked in the order of how I liked them.


Anonymous said...

These are the best Anti-American commercials since the Al Queda ones in 2004 election. But even these slick ads can't hide your Liberal/Gay/Terror enabling agenda! Real Americans see through your smokescreen!

Anonymous said...

These are horrible! They paint a very distorted vision of the real picture.

Lucas said...

Notice the distinct lack of a point by previous commenters. It's almost a shame there isn't more meat to the objections, this is just sad.