Monday, November 19, 2007

San Diego a dream place to live but....

In yesterday's UT, business reporter Dean Calbreath had must read column regarding the cost of housing here in San Diego county. What Calbreath stated was that while San Diego county may be a dream place to live, there just don't exists the kind of dream jobs that are bringing people to San Diego. The affordability of housing here in the county is forcing people to move away. In fact, the lack of good quality paying jobs combined with the skyrocketing housing prices earlier in the decade has already lead to a net loss of over 130,000 people from the county over the last six years.[Link] This fact alone should be troubling to local electeds. For if this trend was to increase and continue it could have dire consequences for the area. If you don't believe me, try sometime visiting Michigan or Ohio.


Cosmo said...

Just when real estate was coming down and it looked like a buyer's market, the recent fires put a whole bunch of people back in the real-estate market and reduced the housing inventory! Now real estate is once again a seller's market!

Have you heard the conspiracy theory that the fires were set by realtors?


Anonymous said...

Look, I have no problem with East Coast Transplants and those slow Mid West drivers moving out of San Diego. Could you make the Zoni invasion that happens every summer stop too?