Saturday, November 24, 2007

More on State GOP fundraising woes

Just to follow-up on the previous post by Adam Smith. The AP article from this afternoon reporting about the state GOPs struggling fundraising mentioned:
At the end of the year the state party will eliminate what is called its county executive director program, which distributed about $260,000 a year among about a dozen counties to assist with fundraising activities and grass-roots organizing. [Link]
While some counties with extension local party organizations like here in San Diego will not be effected. It will be interesting to how these cuts tickle their way down to some of the other fast growing counties in the state and the impact that they might have in next year's election.


Anonymous said...

Nehring was never up for the post in the first place. The Rep Central committee didn't let Mike Shelby get the nod in the last mayoral so Francis could pour money into the local GOP to spare Nehring's career. This is what happens when you get the c-team in to run an A-team operation; inmmigration issues, money issues. sexual; issues can't be too far behind in this modern day GOP.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, like Myke Shelby would have been better.

Jon Timmons said...

Myke might not have won the election, but he had the early votes for the endorsement, just not the funds of Steve Francis. And I don't mean to campaign, but to help pay off the county's debt.

Anonymous said...

Uh... why are SDGOP players here on the Dem website. Have you guys been banned from red country by almighty Thor too?