Saturday, November 24, 2007

George W. Bush is even bad for GOP Fundraising

Whatever you may think of President George W. Bush and Iraq, we all have to admit he has been bad for the GOP. Since his last election, the GOP lost both houses of Congress and now are set up to loss the White House.

It is so bad today that the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) might be closing their fundraising gap to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC), but the DSCC still brought in $45.1 million to the $26.3 million by the NRSC. The NRSC is not alone, the National Republican Congressional Committee has raised only $6.1 million to the $13.4 million from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee members.

Now the Union Tribune reported today the California Republican Party is moving forward to slash its most important program, their county fundraising and organizing program. It is reported they were $1.7 million in debt by the end of October. Maybe the Republican Party should look to outsource their party's programs and fundraising, because clearly they can't do it in house very well.

Though you won't read any of this in the Republican blogs.


Anonymous said...

You won't find it on any GOP blogs? It's on the FlashReport. It would be too difficult for an average blogger to check before making such blanket statements.

Jon Timmons said...

Actually, it was not up on any GOP blog, including the "Flash REport" when I posted. Look at my posted time (5:10pm) and their posted time (5:33pm). After I posted.

Thank you very much for your comment.

Anonymous said...

It was on the Flash mainpage in the a.m....perhaps not your definition of a blog, but it was the publisher's choice to post it with a link to the article, when he could've have ignored it. Thanks.