Thursday, November 22, 2007

More on the Failed Feinstein Censure at last week's CDP meeting

Lucas O'Connor who occasionally posts here at San Diego Politico has a very good piece in the current City Beat recapping the events that transpired in Anaheim.
There were attempts to compromise, however. [John] Hanna, Resolutions Committee member Brian Leubitz and Rules Committee Chair Garry Shay worked behind the scenes to, as Leubitz described, "pass a resolution that would have sent a clear message that Sen. Feinstein needs to work harder to communicate with the
Democratic Party and the base of our party." But pressure from party officials and an uncompromising pro-censure group scuttled any efforts to pass a conciliatory resolution.[Link]
The Feinstein episode in Anaheim is another example of the continuing tension that has been building between grassroots activists and CDP establishment. I'll have more to say on this in a later post.



We Democrats don't have a majority
in the senate....49 plus Sanders
and Lieberman...Good enough,....
now isn't good enough...........
my party has become an intolerant
party....the people who are hounding
FEINSTEIN sound more like Ann Coulter!!

Anonymous said...

Whatever! Ann Coulter is a true American who is rooting out the insidious menace that is Liberalism and its anti American, terror appeasing agenda. How dare you compare some true American haters who want to sell America out to jihadists and child molesters with some you is fighting for true American values of strength and freedom!