Tuesday, November 20, 2007

State Bar Investigating Aguirre

Per the U-T, City Attorney Mike Aguirre is being investigated by the California Bar Association. Several former colleagues and employees have been contacted regarding a range of issues, though no formal charges appear to be in the immediate offing. The broad focus of the investigation seems to be Aguirre's motivations in various legal matters, but it's unclear what specifically is motivating the interviews.

As long as this remains in "wait and see" territory, this is the takeaway quote:

Given Aguirre's high-profile position as a public figure, it is almost inevitable that people who disagree with his approach will be tempted to accuse him of misconduct and report him to the bar, said [San Diego lawyer David] Carr, the former bar prosecutor.

"If there weren't complaints, something would be strange," Carr said.

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