Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Who is Scott Sherman? (Part I)

Over the following week we will explore the man named Scott Sherman, the person C. April Boling found to save us from fiscal downfall, Carl DeMaio needs so desperately as his "fiscal" vote at city council, and the man who is Croatian by blood, Swedish by birth and American by choice; the always rational Tony Krvaric Dream Team.  Psst, to help make make Scott's storyline work for this election they hired the same person who lost the 2008 election for district 7 election,Duane Dichiara.

So....How were we lucky to have Scott run for San Diego City Council?

Just a year ago, there was no record of Scott Sherman, but the few political contribution checks he gave out to Republican candidates, the insurance business where he is listed on the website as a Producer and a sport fishing website where they call him the Shermanator, and he makes off color jokes to sell his insurance policies.  Instead, he came alive to us from the client rolodex of Catherine April Boling, the treasurer for every Republican organization, candidate or front group of every Republican organization, to now run for San Diego City Council.  It helped that Carl DeMaio testified for Scott's fishing issue and as Scott reported in CityBEAT he “owed him one” and hosted a coffee where he donated to Carl for mayor.  Scott will tell you he didn't think he would be running for City Council just a year, but was asked by a good friend April!

There will be follow-up posts to explore Scott, the making of a city council candidate. They will talk about his position on taxes or when he doesn't think a tax is really a tax, local development, community involvement, understanding of city government and who is the cast behind the scenes. 

Stay tune until next time...

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