Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Who is Scott Sherman? (Part II)

The Republican Party's central committee might be sorry to hear, but Scott Sherman was not the first choice by C. April Boling, but after calling and meeting with other of her tax clients from her expansive rolodex she got to Scott. 

Scott needs some major help.  It seems he doesn't know about anything his own community, let alone the city.  Don't tell the residents you didn't know there was such a thing as the Allied Gardens Community Council.  So, instead of looking for a winning team, they go back in time to 4-years ago to use the same failed team of 2008; Duane Dichiara, John Pilch and Clinton Soffer.

The 2008 Dream Team does have a top tier fundraiser, but it seems Scott was not so great at raising money and his rolodex not so good too.  New fundraiser please.  Every other Republican raised over $100,000, they promised he would be in the six digits at filing time, but sadly Scott raised $55,000 with most spent on his consultants.  Good thing the Republican Party had an endorsement interview with only Scott and didn't invite the other Republican in the race, Rik Haupfeld.  Scott will need the party to help him, because he can't get the money himself.

Scott's public or private appearances don't go over very well.  He has to be educated at one meeting what is tax increment and the names of committees at the city council.  He doesn't understand the issues, can't talk clearly to a crowd of people and doesn't connect with the audience of people who are not partisan activists.  Scott even flopped trying to talk about how he is a community involved person too.  It turns out he hasn't done anything in his own community when asked about it.  Wait, he was a single father raising a daughter.  Heart goes out right?  It should. It is very hard to be a single parent and raising a child is not easy, even for a two parent household.  Give the guy a break.  Oh no, it turns out Scott has been remarried for 6 years and his child is in their mid 20's living out of the community.  Okay, Plan B, he says he taught martial arts to kids at the YMCA in Mission Valley, bingo it is in the NEW district.  We have a fall back community activity plan.  Bring in the talking points and no matter the question, really, never talk about anything but the pension ballot, managed competition, $2.2 billion unfunded benefit, running the city like a business and being a small business owner.  Oh, don't forget Scott is against taxes (or not) and favors something called zero budgeting.

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